Knight Scoop, I Love You. – The Everywhereist

I wrote about my favorite Japanese TV show, Knight Scoop. It is perhaps a small and silly thing to focus on in light of everything else going on, but a show that aims to solve viewers' tiny everyday mysteries makes me incredibly happy.

I wrote about what Twitter's responses to abuse would look like if they were actually, you know, honest.

Pillow Fight. – The Everywhereist

IKEA makes people fight. Even if you don't go to IKEA with your spouse, IKEA products will cause marital discord.

We Have To Talk About the Dead Dog on the United Flight. Sorry. – The Everywhereist

I hate to delve into such a sad story, but we need to talk about how flight crews should wield their near-absolute power with more empathy.

The Real Reason I Hate Traveling Alone. – The Everywhereist

I wrote about the real reason I hate traveling by myself: because the second I do, I'm either harassed, or overcome with anxiety about being harassed.

I Watched All the Fast and the Furious Movies in A Week. – The Everywhereist

In a completely different tone from yesterday's piece, I wrote about what happens when you watch the entire Fast and the Furious series in a week:

Perspective | I thought my bully deserved an awful life. But then he had one.

HI, I wrote something for the Washington Post today.

Two Tricks To Becoming A Better Writer – The Everywhereist

I wrote about one of the questions I'm most often asked about writing: How do you become better at it?

What Kill Bill Taught Me About Surviving Abuse – The Everywhereist

I wrote about Uma Thurman, Quentin Tarantino, and what Kill Bill taught me about surviving abuse.

The Grief of Inheritance

Hi! I just wrote this piece for Lenny Letter about what happens when a long-lost relative dies and leaves you money. (Spoiler: it's not the carefree windfall you think it is.)

Hey friends - my everywhereist Twitter account was hacked - and the bot that hacked me is now sending out tweets with TYPOS.

Obviously, that's not me. If you can, please report the account as having been hacked - I reported it, but I can't get Twitter to do anything so far.

I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter – The Everywhereist

"Was his PR team drunk? Do these cinnamon rolls somehow destroy the patriarchy? Does the icing advocate for equal pay?"

The Hot Decluttering Trend for 2018: American Apocalypse Purging – The Everywhereist

I wrote about the hot new decluttering trend of 2018 which I just made up.

Hello. Goodbye. – The Everywhereist

Hi. I'm trying to blog again. Sorry to do so with a sad update.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Postapocalyptic Tweets

I wrote a piece for the New Yorker's Tiny Shouts about what the perpetually optimistic Lin-Manuel Miranda would tweet at the end of the world.

I think it's pretty funny and I hope you will, too.

Ep 4. Geraldine DeRuiter on Travelling the World, Peruvian Guinea Pigs and the state of the US! | The Different Minds Podcast

Friends, I don't normally promote podcasts I've been on, but this one is with a Scotsman. Which means he has a Scottish accent. Which means I spent the entire interview trying not to giggle like a schoolgirl.

(We also talk about important things, too.)

The Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis, Minnesota – The Everywhereist

There's so much to love about Minneapolis, and the Walker Art Center is no exception.

Bar Luce: A Wes Anderson Designed Cafe in Milan, Italy – The Everywhereist

I visited Bar Luce - a Wes Anderson designed cafe in Milan - and was exactly what you'd expect.

Yellow Invisalign, Floor M&Ms, and Why the Neighbors Hate Us. – The Everywhereist

Rand and I recently moved across town and I accidentally dyed my Invisalign yellow and we have cardboard on our windows and for some reason now the neighbors aren't talking to us.

authors | Rain Taxi

Friends - I'll be in Minneapolis this weekend for the Twin Cities Book Fair - come join me as I sign books and try to act comfortable in front of strangers. :)

I Have Written About Currywurst, My Love. – The Everywhereist

Life is fleeting, love is eternal. Eat currywurst (my new post, which I am immensely proud of.)

I Visited The Birthplace of the Atom Bomb. Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Bradbury Science Museum, New Mexico. – The Everywhereist

I wrote about visiting the Los Alamos National Laboratory in NM - where the first atom bomb was built - and how the truth is always more complicated than we think it is.

Less Critical State Secrets

Oh, hi. My piece went up in The New Yorker's Shouts & Murmurs section. NBD. (Just kidding, it's a big deal, I'm freaking out over it.)

The Surprising Clarity I Got From An Unclear Pregnancy Test

Hey everyone - I just wrote my first piece on Refinery29 about babies and not having them and confusing Japanese pregnancy tests.

Rain Taxi

Hey, Minneapolis peeps! I will be at the Twin Cities Book Festival on Saturday, October 14th, with the amazing Doug Mack - come see us talk about travel and lord knows what else. :)

The Infinite Hypocrisy of Fake Feminist Men – The Everywhereist

I was slut-shamed at one of my readings by a guy who claimed to be a feminist.

Stop Saying Mansplaining Isn’t a Big Deal. It is. – The Everywhereist

I wrote about Soylent last week.

Then I had my own poops mansplained to me.

Here's why that's a problem.

I Tried Soylent. It Didn’t Go Well. – The Everywhereist

"I was slightly concerned about ingesting something developed by guys who felt that the prep work for corn dogs and ramen was too much for them."

I decided to try Soylent for a week. I lasted 2 days.

Reading All Over The Place for Your Book Club? Invite Me. – The Everywhereist

Psst - if your book club selects ALL OVER THE PLACE, let me know. I'll call in and answer questions and basically make a fool of myself.

Stop Telling Bloggers They Aren’t Writers – The Everywhereist

An important message for all my fellow bloggers who hope to one day be writers: you're already there.

WTF Weds: I have a brain tumor. I’ve named it Steve. – The Everywhereist

Five years ago today, I wrote this post. As the healthcare debate rages on, it feels pertinent. The ACA has helped a lot of people.

The Whisper at The Finish Line – The Everywhereist

I thought that publishing my book would be like crossing a finish line. Turns out that it's just the start of another race.

Blogger & Author (with Geraldine DeRuiter)

Need something to listen to while you work out/stress about the state of the republic/drive to work? I recorded an episode of The Half Hour Intern - check it out!

Stop Telling Me to Stay in My Lane. There Are No Lanes Anymore. – The Everywhereist

New post, about why ignoring politics is a privilege many of us have lost in recent months.

Father’s Day Cards for Broken People. – The Everywhereist

From the archives: I made Father's Day cards for broken people. Because some dads are jerks but we love them anyway.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico – The Everywhereist

At The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, you can see how the beauty of the New Mexican landscape influenced one of the foremost American Modernists.

Also some of the paintings look like lady parts.

Portland friends! I will be reading at the Powell's on Hawthorne tomorrow night at 7:30, and I'll be on KATU's AM Northwest and Afternoon Live shows tomorrow as well! SET YOUR DVRs, I AM GONNA RACK UP SOME FCC FINES.

Everett Library, WA

Psst! If you live in Western Washington, I'll be speaking at the Everett Public Library tomorrow at 6pm. I'll be reading from my memoir and also talking about why sometimes being a terrible traveler is the best way to go. :D

The Thoma Foundation and the Galleries of Canyon Road, Santa Fe – The Everywhereist

After feeling out of place in the ritzy galleries of Canyon Road, New Mexico, I found one that turned us into works of art.

Events List - Powell's Books

Attention PDX friends: I will be reading from and signing copies of my new book at the Powell's ON HAWTHORNE on Thursday, June 15th at 7:30pm. Come join me and pretend that you don't notice the frosting on my shirt.

I Sent A Press-Release to Everyone Who’s Ever Sent Me a Press Release. – The Everywhereist

In a somewhat jerky but utterly satisfying act of revenge, I sent a press release out to everyone who's ever sent me a spammy press release.

All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft

Friends, the ebook version of ALL OVER THE PLACE is now on sale for $3.99 on Barnes and Noble. That's, like, a penny a poop joke. THIS IS THE BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY.

Melancholy and the Infinite Skies of Santa Fe – The Everywhereist

I wrote this about Santa Fe. It's sadder than I intended it to be. But I still like the post. And I still like New Mexico.

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return, Santa Fe, New Mexico – The Everywhereist

Meow Wolf was one of the most amazing places I've ever visited - as soon as I stopped trying to understand it, that is.

How to Explain Trump While Traveling Abroad – The Everywhereist

I wrote a post about an issue that keeps coming up as a travel. (Yes, this is a political post.)

Geraldine DeRuiter answers your questions — Ask the Author

Psst! I'm currently doing an AMA on Goodreads RIGHT NOW!

Leave your questions about travel, publishing, blogging or whatever and I'll do my best to answer!

My Book is Officially Out in the World. – The Everywhereist

Psst. Hey everyone, in case you missed the news, I wrote a book. And it's now out.